How to watch Netflix in Singapore - Not the crappy SG Netflix content, the full US Netflix Library!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


When Netflix announced that they are officially in Singapore now, I was like WOOTS YAY BABY SIGN ME UP NOW PLEASE! TAKE MY MONEY, TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Buuuuuuuuuuut. I didn't realize that the content for Netflix Singapore is SO PATHETIC! 
It's so limited and just simply terrible!!

Like seriously the all the good shows like New Girl, family guy, dexter, Raising Hope.. or classics like F.R.I.E.N.D.S that i would like to watch again and again - are not even available in Netflix SG. 

And you know what, you're paying pretty much the same amount of monthly subscription fee (ranges from $11-$17/month depending on the plan you're on, I took the mid-range one) as Netflix US, but you get like this miserable amount of shows in Netflix SG! 

Here's my Netflix SG homepage:

Netflix US homepage:

You can obviously tell from the homepage that so much of the good shows are missing already, hell nooooooooooo!

Btw HULU is not accepting non US credit card anymore so that totally sucks since HULU is the one with the up-to-date dramas, I even tried the method of creating a US paypal account and it didn't work. :/ Netflix is great and there are so much stuff on there to watch but their content is available only till the latest complete season for most shows except for the Netflix drama series.

Since we're going to use a projector instead of a TV in our new apartment, i definitely want to be hooked up with Netflix so i can have endless entertainment 24/7 obviously! 

So basically to watch Netflix (US Library) in Singapore, you need to use a VPN service to "hide" your IP address and so when you login to Netflix, Netflix will think that you're in US and unlock the maaaaaassive content of the US Library!

Seriously. Awesome. 

Netflix. Nacho. Naps - I literally have this tee-shirt, no kidding. I HEART Netflix!
I'm currently using a VPN service, US IP Address (I got the 12 month plan and it's only US$5.75/month this is not a sponsored post or anything fyi, i'm just sharing what i'm currently happily using) and I'd say I'm pretty impressed with how easy it is to set up, they gave very clear instructions on how to set up on any devices, Windows/Mac/Iphone/Android/Tablets etc and customer service was quick to reply my emails on my questions too.

Basically to set up the VPN on your laptop, you 
  1. Download the vpn setup that they email to you upon signing up
  2. Run the installer
  3. To use the VPN, click Connect, sign in with the username and password 


Another VPN service that I would like to try after my 12 month plan with US IP Address ends is HideMyAss, haha just because their site looks really quirky and pretty, also they seem to have 3 servers in Singapore so i think the connection should be very stable? I don't know? Hahahaha

Another method would be Unotelly, I tried to set up the DNS thingy using the free trial for Unotelly, but failed miserably, apparently it was supposed to be real simple too but somehow it didn't work out for me, maybe i'll try it again next time but for now i'll make my life easier and stick with the VPN method.

Hope you guys are well entertained in your free time too! Hehe I'm currently compiling a list of US dramas that i've watched and love so i can recommend them to you guys too in another post. :D

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.